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Calculate Earnings per Share Growth Rate

Historically, earnings growth has been one of the primary drivers of stock price as investors have always preferred those companies with a track record of solid and consistent earnings growth. In fact, the best investments are often those companies that demonstrate a history of increased earnings despite changing market and economic conditions. For [...]

Calculate and Interpret the PEGY Ratio

The Price/Earnings to Growth and Dividend Yield (PEGY) Ratio is a variation of the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio where a stock’s value is further assessed through a calculation that considers the company’s projected earnings growth rate and dividend yield. Once calculated, the figure is compared to ratios of the company’s competitors or against any group [...]

Calculate and Interpret the PEG Ratio

The PEG ratio (Price/Earnings to Growth ratio) is a valuation metric used to measure the trade-off between a stock’s price, its earnings per share (EPS), and the expected growth of the company. While the price/earnings (P/E) ratio is closely tracked to determine whether a stock is over or under-priced, the PEG ratio incorporates the [...]

Certificate of Deposit (CD) Calculator

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a special type of deposit offered by banks, credit unions, and thrift institutions in which the holder invests a fixed amount of money (usually at least $100) for a specified timeframe. The interest rates offered by CDs are typically higher than regular savings accounts and payments are made [...]

Calculate the Future Value of an Ordinary Annuity

An ordinary or “fixed” annuity provides a stream of fixed payments to the investor at the end of each period for a specified amount of time. Bond coupon payments are often considered ordinary annuities. The owner of the annuity receives these payments in exchange for a fixed sum of money provided up-front. In [...]

Using a Present Value Calculator to Evaluate Investment Opportunities

Net Present Value (NPV) or “present value” is the current value of a future payment or series of future payments. To arrive at the net present value, these future payments are discounted to account for the time value of money and the risk associated with future payment streams. The net present value calculation can [...]

A Present Value Calculator for Uneven Cash Flows

Present value refers to the value today of an amount of money in the future. To calculate the present value, that future amount is discounted to reflect the time value of money and investment factors. Both the concept and calculation of present value are important in various financial calculations. Bond yields and pension obligations, for [...]

The Basics and Valuation of Preferred Stock
(includes calculator)

Preferred stock is a class of stock ownership in a corporation that offers a higher claim on the assets and of the earnings of the corporation than common stock. Preferred shares pay a fixed dividend and are sold in par value amounts. Often, these preferred stocks are convertible to common stock, and are callable by [...]

A Gordon Growth (Constant Growth) Model
Calculator for Stock Valuation

The Gordon Growth Model (or Constant Growth Model) is a financial model used to determine the “intrinsic” value of a stock, based on future dividends, which are assumed to grow at a constant rate. Named after Myron J. Gordon and originally published in 1959, the model values a business as the present value of all [...]

Working with a Discounted Cash Flow Calculator
for Stock Valuation

In using the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) approach for stock valuation, the investor recognizes that a company is worth the total amount of cash it will generate over its lifetime. Those cash flows, however, must be discounted to their present value in order to assign a current, “intrinsic” value to the company and, by extension, [...]

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