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Product Overview:: How to Hack the Stock Market is a 62-page detailed report that is written to provide investors with a thorough understanding of the stock market, from basic terminology to proven trading strategies. The program cost is just $4.95 for a 31-day trial.

Additional Product Details: Written by a multi-millionaire stock trader, this downloadable e-book provides information and screen shots with an emphasis to turning small but consistent stock profits.

Who it’s meant for: This program is for new stock investors who want to develop a solid understanding of the stock market and trading strategies implemented by successful investors. It can also help seasoned investors take a step back to re-visit the workings of the market.

How to get started: The program is offered on a 31-day trial for $4.95.

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Stock Assault 2.0 - Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software
Product Overview: Stock Assault 2.0 has received quite a bit of press over the past several years as it has emerged as one of the leading artificial intelligence (AI) software tools for stock picking. With the click of a button, the program scans the web in search favorable stock investment opportunities based on complex algorithms and formulas.

Additional Product Details: Stock positions are held for 1-4 days, on average.

Who it’s meant for: The package has emerged as a favorite among short-term and technical stock traders .

How to get started: The software is offered on a free trial basis.

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