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Working with Stock Portfolio Software
(includes video)

The Stock Research Pro software application provides an all-encompassing environment for finding and evaluating stocks that might present a good investment opportunity and then tracking stock purchases for performance. The stock portfolio module within the software can also be used to create “What-if” stock investment scenarios so that you may test your strategies before [...]

Financial Ratios and Fundamental Analysis

Financial ratio analysis is one of the most important aspects of the fundamental analysis process. Through ratio analysis, an investor can systematically sort through and make sense of the volumes of financial statement data offered by a company. By analyzing and monitoring a company’s financial ratios, an investor can gain insight into the financial [...]

Predicting the Future Earnings of a Company

The value of a stock is driven by the assets the company currently owns and, more importantly, the future earnings of the company. For this reason, accurately projecting future earnings, and discounting those earnings appropriately to today’s dollars, is critical in arriving at the true or “intrinsic” value of a stock.

Basic Stock Valuation Methods

Stock valuation is a process undertaken by stock investors to arrive at the real or “intrinsic” value of a share based on data collected from the company’s financial statements. While there are a number of different approaches for this, they all revolve around assigning a value to the stock today based on the future [...]

Stock Research Pro Stock Tracking Software
(includes video)

Stock Research Pro is a browser-based stock tracking software application that enables you to research and track stocks of interest through a single, all-encompassing interface. The software was designed for both new and experienced stock investors to provide a streamlined process for researching and tracking stocks that might present a good investment opportunity in [...]

Building and Managing a Stock Watchlist (includes video)

The Stock Research Pro stock watchlist capability enables you to select and track twelve stocks from anywhere within the application. For each stock in your list, the software displays the current share price, the share price change from the previous market close and the volume traded in the most recent session. Creating a stock [...]

A Principal and Interest Calculator
for Monthly Loan Payments

A mortgage, student loan or other debt typically requires the borrower to make monthly payments to the lender that consists of interest and principal. The interest rate is what the lender is charging you for borrowing the money. The interest rate on a mortgage or a student loan is usually much lower than [...]

Using a Present Value Calculator
to Plan for Future Expenses

The Stock Research Pro Present Value Per Period Calculator answers the question: “If I need to be able to withdraw a specific amount of money over a number of time periods in the future, how much do I need to deposit today to be able to meet that need?” The calculator simply asks you [...]

A Relative Strength Investing Strategy

Relative strength, also known as “price persistence”, is a measure used by many technical analysts to help them understand the direction and momentum of a stock. The term relative strength refers to how a stock is performing relative to something else, typically an index, an industry or another stock. A stock’s relative strength is expressed [...]

A Present Value Calculator for Uneven Cash Flows

Present value refers to the value today of an amount of money in the future. To calculate the present value, that future amount is discounted to reflect the time value of money and investment factors. Both the concept and calculation of present value are important in various financial calculations. Bond yields and pension obligations, for [...]