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By Stock Research Pro • October 29th, 2008

Stock Research Pro announces a free stock market software program for tracking your stock portfolio.

Stock Research Lite is a free, downloadable software program that enables the stock market investor to track their stock purchases and sales through a simple yet robust interface.

Why We Developed Stock Research Lite

We developed Stock Research Lite for both new and seasoned stock investors who want to track their stock portfolios without having to create and manage spreadsheets or sign-up with and logon to a website. Our environment provides the stock portfolio functionality you need right from your own desktop.

Stock Research Lite enables the user to look up a stock price and create and save a record associated with the purchase and sale of the stock. It includes calendar functionality for to select the dates associated with your purchase and sale. The system tracks your gain or loss and sorts your stock transactions in descending order by profit. The application also includes a commission calculator so that you can pass those fees into the stock transaction calculation.

The average stock investor will find that Stock Research Lite is more powerful than other free stock market software programs and can be very useful in managing and tracking gains and losses associated with stock purchases.

Easy Upgrade to Stock Research Pro

Stock Research Lite is linked directly to the Stock Research Pro website so you can have easy and instant access to our blog and other pages. We suspect that many of our “Lite” users will choose to upgrade to the full version of Stock Research Pro. The Pro version offers a complete streamlined environment for the research and analysis of stock investment opportunities.

Rebranding Opportunity

Stock research Lite is offered as freeware. If you are a website owner and would like to discuss rebranding Stock Research Lite to make available to your website visitors, please contact us.


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