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By Stock Research Pro • August 18th, 2009

Stock Research Pro is pleased to announce the availability of a free stock investing guide and video tutorial series designed to introduce new stock investors to the stock research and analysis process. The stock investing guide, which focuses on the basics of technical analysis, is complemented by a series of videos that guide the new investor through all aspects of stock research, from filtering for potential stock investment candidates through building and managing a virtual stock portfolio to practice stock trading before risking any money. The information on the StockResearchPro.com website supports this process through the availability of articles and tools for analysis.

The Stock Research Pro Software

The guide and video series leverage the capabilities of the Stock Research Pro software. The software helps to streamline the stock research process by taking the investor through a logical progression to filter for and analyze stock investment candidates. To accomplish this, the software is broken down into the following sections:

Ideas: The user is shown how to filter for and generate potential stock investment candidates

Research: As a next step, the software enables a rigorous and streamlined process to confirm financial strength and viability of the company under consideration for investment

Analyze: The investor can then leverage tools for basic technical and fundamental analysis in order to understand the price behavior of the stock and conduct valuation analysis

Execute: The Stock Research Pro software then hooks the user into the virtual trading platform available at StockResearchPro.com so that they may build an unlimited number of sample portfolios to experiment with and compare any number of stock investing strategies.

To Get Started

(1) Visit StockResearchPro.com and complete the form (available from every page of the site) to request the free guide to fundamental analysis

(2) The guide is emailed to you as a downloadable PDF along with instructions to download the software
• The software is free to try for five uses

(3) A free video lesson is then sent to you, one per day, to introduce you to the various aspects of stock research and analysis


The above information is educational and should not be interpreted as financial advice. For advice that is specific to your circumstances, you should consult a financial or tax advisor.

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