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By Stock Research Pro • August 20th, 2009 offers a platform for both new and experienced investors to practice stock trading through a practice environment. The Stock Research Pro platform enables users to choose from thousands of stocks to buy and sell using virtual money to determine how well various investing strategies will work in the real world of stock investing. Use of the platform is free to all visitors of and users are encouraged to build as many portfolios as they like in order to compare the results of multiple stock investing strategies.

About offers a variety of information, tools, software, and videos to provide both new and experienced stock market investors with the resources they need to streamline the stock research process and improve their chances for stock investing success. The main elements of the site include:

(1) Stock research and investing related articles
(2) Financial calculators to analyze companies and assist in the stock selection process
(3) Video tutorials to introduce multiple aspects of stock analysis
(4) Powerful desktop software to manage stock research, valuation, and tracking
(5) A virtual stock trading platform to test stock investing strategies

Together, these elements of the website come together to provide our users with an end-to-end strategy for stock selection and investment performance monitoring.

About the Stock Research Pro Virtual Stock Trading Platform

For new stock market investors, it is important to practice stock trading and to test strategies before risking any money. The Stock Research Pro virtual trading platform provides a free and easy to use environment for that and offers:

(1) The opportunity to build and manage an unlimited number of portfolios
(2) Thousands of stocks to choose from for buying and selling
(3) Powerful history and reporting capabilities
(4) Email notifications regarding the performance of each individual portfolio
(5) Email alerts regarding price changes of selected stocks


The above information is educational and should not be interpreted as financial advice. For advice that is specific to your circumstances, you should consult a financial or tax advisor.

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