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By Stock Research Pro • April 9th, 2011

Stock Research Pro offers stock market tutorial guides to help new stock investors understand the processes for conducting both fundamental and technical analysis to research stocks for investment. Both the Guide to Fundamental Analysis and the Guide to Technical Analysis are available at no charge to our SRP Newsletter subscribers and each takes you from high-level overviews and definitions into more granular analysis and processes.

The Guide to Fundamental Analysis for Stock Investors

Fundamental analysis is the process of analyzing companies for investment by reviewing such things as financial statements, the prospects for industry growth, the strength of the management team and more. Thorough fundamental analysis can help an investor determine whether a stock is currently fairly priced of perhaps even “bargain” priced. Value investors, such as Warren Buffett, provide possibly the best example of fundamental analysts as their approach is to engage in a process to that will help them decide whether a company has unfairly fallen out of favor from the market, providing them with a good opportunity for long-term profit.

The Guide to Technical Analysis for Stock Investors

Technical analysis is the study of stock price history and behaviors to help investors understand stock price patterns. Understanding these patterns and repeated price behaviors enables technical investors to predict future price patterns for profit. Unlike fundamental analysts, technical investors are not concerned with financial statements, new product introductions, or industry projections. Instead, technical analysts make the assumption that all of that has been factored into the stock price and that future price moves will be based on predictable patterns.

How to Get the Guides

Both the fundamental and technical guides are available at no cost to SRP Newsletter subscribers. Each page of the website offers a sign-up box for the newsletter. Simply enter your name and email address and both guides will be sent to you along with future messages with additional information, tools, and special offers.


The above information is educational and should not be interpreted as financial advice. For advice that is specific to your circumstances, you should consult a financial or tax advisor.

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